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Welcome to the official Web Site for Australian Formfighting, The Australian Martial Art, The Australian Way.

Joshua Zdybel
World Taekwon-do Championships ITF Silver Medallist Sparring.
World Cup Taekwon-do Silver Medallist Patterns & Bronze Medallist Sparring


Formfighting what is it?
Mission Statement

Typical class could include an Education in;
Wrestling & Grappling Kick Fighting Boxing 
Balance & Focus Coordination Stick Fighting
Knife defence Strength Endurance
Patterns (Tul & Taegeuk) Special Techniques Power
Adaptability& Problem Solving.

  Mission Statement

  1. Present a more realistic view of what the Martial Arts are about, i.e. teamwork, communications, decision making, rather than technical skills in isolation.

  2. Allow the Instructors to take the role of facilitator so that the students take more responsibility for their own development, learning and growth

  3. Develop thinking players who can solve problems

  4. Promote an enjoyable and safe environment.

  5. Cater for variations in each participants abilities.

Formfighting is a Martial Arts system that conceives the Martial Arts as a generic whole. Formfighting, has a set syllabus but is flexible enough to allow a student to be judge on his or hers individual capabilities according to sex, age and body type.

However one needs to note that the most important aspects of Martial Arts is the way of thinking and the character of the person. At the start of their Martial Arts training their attitude or temperament may not be considered quite right to be an Martial Artist but as they continue to study, grow and learn this may change.

Formfighting is a Martial Arts concept developed by Mr Phill Zdybel. Mr Zdybel's personal philosophy is the way of Balance, Flow and flexibility in body, mind and spirit. Phill has been involved in the Martial Arts  for well over the last twenty six years. During which time he has gained Dan certification with the WTF, ITF, GABB and attended numerous cross training seminars conducted by recognised Australian Martial Artists, competed at a world championship level and coached and instructed Junior members to world championships.

In relation and what some of you may be wondering where does Taekwondo fit into all of this? Well this is to do with first official recognisation came from TKD but also feel that it is valuable to us for a sporting aspect within our martial art. It will give you all the opportunity to compete at state, national and international level. But on the same lines you will also have the opportunity if you wish to undertake official TKD recognisation.

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Australian Formfighting has certain standards which must be adhered to and hopefully these standards are in line with general social ethics.

Formfighting does not claims to be the ultimate Martial Art as each style of Martial Art is unique in its own way, as is each Instructor, but emphasis is placed on the student learning rather than the acquisition of belts and grades, on a balance between the soft and strong. Plus the ability to be able to manoeuvrer between the two.

There is a very misconceived idea that a black belt is like superman, to obtain a black belt under a style that has a grading system does not mean that a person is a expert, but by far they have just completed their basic training and although Martial Arts movies and displays are good for the promotion of the Arts they as yet have a lot to answer for. The best Martial Artist will perform demonstrations of what they are capable of and to achieve the end result of what is required of them to perform these feats takes years of training, practice, self discipline and sweat. A black belt is not gained overnight, in weeks or months but takes years to earn.

The aim of the Australian Formfighting Martial Arts is not to put up the walls within the different fields of Martial Arts. But that of which is to unite Australian Martial Artist and make them realise that we have a lot to offer Australia and the rest of the world.

The time has gone where we have to rely on the overseas influence to maintain our standard, but must realise that we, as Australian Martial Artists have a lot to offer the world, to help them maintain theirs

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